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Timeshare is an optimal way of using a property, typically a resort condominium unit (i.e. a hotel room), in which you do not have to pay to "rent a room" anymore. For example, if you buy a villa in a tourist resort city, you do not usually use it more than 3-4 weeks of the year, but you have paid the cost of all 52 weeks of the year; In this case, you pay for 48 weeks that you do not benefit from. In Time-Sharing system, you choose the optimum choice and have the advantage of owning a hotel room for a particular period of the year. Other advantages of time-sharing -> Timeshare owners can use their usage time -> Timeshare owners can give their timeshare to the family members or everyone they introduce to the hotel as a gift. They can rent out their week or give it as a gift to friends and family. -> Timeshare owners are provided with all the services and amenities provided by the hotel in their timeshares. -> Timeshare owners benefit from the value-added profit due to their timeshares. -> Timeshare owners can assign their usage time to the hotel to be rent out and get the money. -> Timeshare owners can exchange their timeshares internally within the same resort with other timeshare owners. -> Timeshare owners can sell their timeshare ownerships to other persons. -> Timeshare owners do not have to pay for anything extra such as upkeep or maintenance costs. They only pay the charge for the period they use their rooms which is a tiny amount of money, i.e. in year 2008 (1387 Iranian calendar) it varies between 50,000-70,000 Rials per day. additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link Designer Designer http://www.timesharinghotels.com http://www.timesharinghotels.com/#/FA/About_us/History/ http://www.timesharinghotels.com/#/EN/About_us/History/ http://www.timesharinghotels.com/#/FA/Services/After_Contract/ http://www.timesharinghotels.com/#/EN/Services/After_Contract/ http://www.timesharinghotels.com/#/FA/Contact_Us/ http://www.timesharinghotels.com/#/EN/Contact_Us/ info@timesharinghotels.com .................................................. در این سایت اجتماعی میتوانید : 1. بدون قرعه کشی و بدون پرداخت هزینه تا 1000 دلار 3 روز یک بار از طریق پیش بینی نتایج مسابقات دریافت نمائید 2. آشنایی با دوستان جدید 3. ارسال و دریافت هدایای واقعی از دوستان 4. و به زودی به اشتراک گذاشتن فیلم 5. از هم اکنون عضو سایت شوید 6. شروع مسابقات پیش بینی 15 نوامبر آیا می دانید طبق تحقیقات ما تمامی انسانهای دنیا با 10 واسطه با یکدیگر دوست می باشند ما آمده ایم تا این نظریه را ثابت نمائیم. آیا می دانید شما نیز با هر شخصیت مطرحی در دنیا دوست میباشید ؟(البته با 10 واسظه) ما آمده ایم تا شما را با هر فردی در هر نقطه دنیا آشنا نمائیم. آشنایی با مردمانی از 186 کشور . Are you aware of the fact that the most viewed internet sites in the world are social network sites Are you aware of the fact that friend finding sites play the role of newly founded countries? Are you aware of the fact that if you become a resident of one of these countries you can obtain dual citizenship? Are you aware of the fact that in the country of FaceBook more than half billion people have become members? Are you aware of the fact that Nigh City website has more than three million members in the Middle East? Are you aware of the fact that Nigh City intends to form friendship from person to person Do you know that all the people in the world are connected together through 7 associations? This means that you too are friend with every other person in the world through seven other people Isn’t it the time that you make friends with all the people in the world Have you ever considered that you could have made friend with someone in particular? Have you wished that you could have been friends with someone through political, art, and occupational means? Are you aware that through Nigh City you can find the links to new friends in any part of the world? Do you know that Nigh City is considering the creation of a new world in which boundaries and borders are based on network of friends and not on geographical borders? Do you know that by utilizing the Nigh City website you will be able to bet with your friends without paying any money and win up to $10000? Do you know that through these betting events you can find new and unique and unexpected friends? Do you know that in Nigh City website you can advertise for 100 Durham per month which will be published in all the pages? U.S Time Technology is the sole representative of Nigh City in the Middle East Toll free number from all over the world Tel: Middle East: http://www.nighcity.com