In the Name of God additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link Darya Hotel Construction Development Company TimeSharing Time-Sharing Timeshare is an optimal way of using a property, typically a resort condominium unit (i.e. a hotel room), in which you do not have to pay to "rent a room" anymore. For example, if you buy a villa in a tourist resort city, you do not usually use it more than 3-4 weeks of the year, but you have paid the cost of all 52 weeks of the year; In this case, you pay for 48 weeks that you do not benefit from. In Time-Sharing system, you choose the optimum choice and have the advantage of owning a hotel room for a particular period of the year. Other advantages of time-sharing -> Timeshare owners can use their usage time -> Timeshare owners can give their timeshare to the family members or everyone they introduce to the hotel as a gift. They can rent out their week or give it as a gift to friends and family. -> Timeshare owners are provided with all the services and amenities provided by the hotel in their timeshares. -> Timeshare owners benefit from the value-added profit due to their timeshares. -> Timeshare owners can assign their usage time to the hotel to be rent out and get the money. -> Timeshare owners can exchange their timeshares internally within the same resort with other timeshare owners. -> Timeshare owners can sell their timeshare ownerships to other persons. -> Timeshare owners do not have to pay for anything extra such as upkeep or maintenance costs. They only pay the charge for the period they use their rooms which is a tiny amount of money, i.e. in year 2008 (1387 Iranian calendar) it varies between 50,000-70,000 Rials per day. Other Advantages: If you travel to the same city for several years over and over again, it may lose its appeal to you and you may become blasé about it. We provide you with the option to use other hotels in other cities (even if you have purchased only a one-week timeshare). The advantages of our service over ordinary timesharing projects: We provide you the option to exchange your timeshares externally with other timeshare owners into other timeshare resorts in other cities. The other option we provide you with is that you can assign your usage time to the hotel to be rent out and get the money instead. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Profitability Highly profitable investment Considering the fact that there are only a limited number of time-shares for sale, as soon as they are all sold out, the state of many domestic and abroad time-share projects has shown that their prices will go much higher, probably two or three times the current price (and even more). So investing in this project can multiply your funds. Comparing the costs of staying in a 3-star (or better) hotels for a week and the price you pay for a time-share here, you can easily see that by buying a time-share hotel room, you are just paying the costs of staying at a hotel for a week for 4-5 years (even disregarding inflation rate), but you are gaining the advantages of a life-time hotel room ownership. Price growth diagram ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Investment Conditions Legal Details In Iran, the Time-Sharing bill has been passed by the Board of Government in 1997 (1376 Iranian calendar) and has been added to Iran's Tourism Law, which allows hotel proprietors to sell the up to 40% of their ownership as Time-Shares. The buyers who pay the whole room price and those who have used the Loan to pay, are provided have the right to use their time-share of the hotel room straight away. -> For those buyers who buy 4 weeks time-share of the year, a One-Twelfth Ownership Deed will be issued and given at the time of purchase. -> Those Time-share holders who want to terminate their contract and rescind their ownership can go to the company office and receive the money back, at any time. Loan (Payment in instalments) Payment by instalments is available. They can pay 20% of the sum amount at first, and pay the rest of it in instalment in one or two years. The annual interest rate for the loan is 12%. No reference person is necessary in this case and the buyers using this option can start using their time-share hotel room straight away. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Guaranteed Investment Bank Guarantee or One-Twelfth Ownership Deed (Half-DONG) -> A One-Twelfth Ownership Deed will be issued and given to those buyers who buy 4 weeks time-share of the year. Note that costs of notarization and notary public fee are on the buyer's side. -> Providing Bank Guarantee for persons and legal entities (e.g. Corporations, Organizations, etc.) Note that costs of issuing Bank Guarantee are on the buyer's side. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Time-Share Room Buying Guide 1. From the shown hotels on the map, choose the desired one by clicking on it. A menu pops out. 2. From the menu, under the "Rooms Prices" menu, choose the time-share room and date you want. To proceed to the next step, you should pay the price. Payments should be remitted to one of the following Accounts: Bank Eghtesad Novin, Central Branch, Account No. 4077777 Account Owner: Darya Hotel Construction Development Company Bank Pasargad, Central Branch, Account No. 5600000 Account Owner: Darya Hotel Construction Development Company 3. Having done the payment, you should fill out the "Investment Form" carefully, and then click Send in order to send us your Personal Information, Receipt Details and the Order Details. Note that you must enter "Reference person's ID" in the form. If you do not have one, contact the company. Investment Form 4. After you send us the completed form, our experts will prepare the contract and contact you to arrange a meeting to sign the contract. Note that if you live in a city other than Tehran, or in a country other than Iran, the documents will be sent to you in 72 hours. Note that in this case, entering Postal Code in the Investment Form is necessary. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++ Contact Us Darya Hotel Construction Development Company Address: No. 151, Opposite Saba Blvd, Africa Blvd, Tehran, Iran Tel: 22059612 additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link شرکت توسعه هتل سازی دریا تایم شیرینگ یك روش نو در سرمایه گذاری و كسب درآمد استتایم شیرینگ یكی از روش های نوین سرمایه گذاری دردنیا می باشد كه شما توسط سرمایه گذاری در سهام هتل از ارزش افزوده بسیار بالا برخوردار می شوید. با مطالعه نمونه های داخلی و خارجی ( مانند هتل نارنجستان و هتل چمران شیراز ) متوجه می شوید رشد این نرخ بسیار بالابوده و سهام به سرعت افزایش قیمت پیدا می كند , به طوری كه در هتل چمران شیراز ظرف 2سال قیمت حدود 10 برابر افزایش پیدا كرده است مزیت های مالی مالكیت زمانی - تایم شیرینگ 1 – درآمد ماهیانه : شما می توانید اتاق خریداری شده خود را شخصا و یا توسط شركت اجاره داده و به این طریق درآمدی ماهیانه برای خود منظور نمائید . 2 – چند برابر شدن سرمایه : همانطور كه قبلا گفته شد در این روش سرمایه گذاری , به سرعت سرمایه شما چند برابر می شود . این نوع رشد تصاعدی سرمایه مختص مالكیت های زمانی می باشد . 3 – ریسك پایین : در این نوع سرمایه گذاری چون شما به نوعی در ملك سرمایه گذاری می نمایید از ریسك خیلی پایین , تقریبا صفر برخوردار می شوید , زیرا بابت خرید 4 هفته در سال نیم دانگ سند محضری به نام شما صادر میگردد . 4 – صفر كردن هزینه ها : شما به این طریق هزینه های سفر خود را در حد صفر پایین برده و به عبارتی دیگر برای سفرهای خود هزینه ای پرداخت نمی نمایید , چراكه شما تا آخر عمر اتاق رایگان در اختیار دارید. 5 – مدیریت سفر : شما از طریق سرمایه گذاری در مالكیت زمانی برنامه های سفر خود را از ابتدای سال مشخص كرده و دیگر از دغدغه های رزرو جا فاصله می گیرید. به عبارتی دیگر زمان كار و تفریح كاملا مجزا و مشخص میگردد . 6 – مهار تورم : از آنجایی كه می دانیم یكی از روش های سوار شدن بر تورم , سرمایه گذاری در ملك می باشد به عبارتی دیگر با این نوع سرمایه گذاری شما همزمان با تورم حركت می كنید . 7 – دریافت وام : یكی دیگر از روش های سوار شدن بر تورم دریافت وام می باشد به عنوان مثال چنانچه شما وام با بهره 12% دریافت نمایید حدودا 13% از تورم بالاتر هستید زیرا كه نرخ تورم تقریبا 25% می باشد بنابراین خرید اقساطی مالكیت های زمانی كاملا به نفع شما می باشد , چراكه شما تنها 20% از ارزش كل را پرداخت می نمایید ولی از ارزش افزوده 100% ملك بهره مند می گردید . برای خرید با شماره تلفن 22059612 021 تماس حاصل نمایید و یا به وب سایت مراجعه نمایید شرکت توسعه هتل سازی دریا درآمد ماهیانه چند برابر شدن سرمایه ریسك پایین صفر كردن هزینه ها مدیریت سفر مهار تورم دریافت وام سرمایه گذاری مطمئن سوددهی بالا درآمد ثابت additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link additional link Designer Designer